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Our systems will meet all your application and construction needs. Innovation, ease of use and integration go together to provide powerful, high performance and simple-to-implement solutions across all building sectors.

GATPL Interior Supply continually provides innovative solutions for the wallboard category for types I-V construction applications. Our extensive product inventory offers a wide range of standard wallboard, glass-mat panels and specialty products including:

1. Regular & Type X
2. Fire-rated
3. Non-paper faced
4. Moisture and mold resistant
5. Impact resistant
6. Tilebacker
7. Shaftwall liner

Our wallboard comes in standard sizes ranging from 1/4” to 1” thickness. We also offer wallboard in tapered and beveled finishes for easy installation.

GATPL carries a variety of specialized drywall products and in more sizes than you’ll find in the big-box stores. We also have specialized delivery equipment. Our drywall lifts are equipped with booms capable of delivering drywall up to five stories through a window and extending 75 feet horizontally over lawns to avoid damaging landscaping. We go the extra mile by arranging your different types of drywall in the order you request them and even placing the right amount in each room.

In addition to standard white board we carry fit-for-purpose drywall designed to resist impact, moisture, mould, fire…the list goes on. You can count on GATPL knowledgeable branch staff to answer your questions so you get the right product to meet your needs.



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