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50000 hours of LED life. Cool and bright light similar as daylight. German spring arm with 360 degrees movement with six motion, more than 1 meter swing in height .Detachable focus handle. Protection from harmful radiation like IR and UV. Low power consumption. Can be easily operated with DC battery directly .Compact, lightweight and slim design .Can be incorporated to Laminar flow. Whether it is a hospital or a small clinic offering medical services all require proper lights in place. Using LED OT Lighting systems is a good way of illuminating the hospital premises both indoor and outdoor. In hospitals you have patients and people ailing from various diseases seeking medical relief.

Using LEDs in place of the traditional lights will be more soothing. These lights do not hit your eyes hard because they are softer. LED OT Lights can be used in the patient room where they are admitted. The brightness can be controlled and regulated depending on the time of the day. The lighting requirements may vary according to the requirement of the hospital. In the US there are certain set standards that need to be met as far as the lighting of hospitals is concerned. There are a lot of agencies who supply led lights to hospitals. Having LEDs in the hospital interiors are considered greener because they do not emit any harmful rays. These are healthy and can be used in areas where the patient needs to be given due care. So, one can use them in the intensive care units where patients are kept with a lot of care. LED Lighting System has begun gaining popularity across industry and healthcare is no exception. Many agencies manufacture and supply LED bulb as per the requirement of particular hospital. One should look for agencies that offer customized lighting solution.

Changing lights frequently might be troublesome as there are certain fixtures that are placed at certain heights in hospitals. For, e bgh.g. there is a limited entry in the intensive care units and changing a damaged bulb might be disturbing.LEDs can run for a longer period of time and they cause lesser trouble. So, these can be used in such places where patients are kept with care. CFL bulbs have got mercury in them which are hazardous to the patients admitted in a hospital. LED lights have not got any kind of chemical stuff in them and it just emits pure light without any heat. The chance of it getting fused is very rare because they do not have filaments in them.

LED OT Lighting systems highly recommended for operation theaters. Doctors will need lights in the operation theatre which are brighter and are focused and which produce lesser amount of heat. Such a lighting system is more reliable because the chance of it getting damaged is minimal. As far as safety is concerned LED OT Lights are a good choice. They have an additional feature of dimming and brightening up according to the place of use. For a better lighting solution for hospitals one can find agencies specializing in LED bulb and also provide a customized solution according to the requirements of a particular hospital.



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